Territoriality in public spaces essay

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Territoriality in public spaces essay

Invasion of this territory is often met with aggression, where only one side will come up victorious with the rights to eat, mate and roam the field freely until a new challenger will arise.

So how is relevant to us? It starts at the grand scale — countries, each with its own borders and armies to guard it. Then we can scale down to: Just like other animals, we like to border our stuff and mark them as ours in various ways more on that later.

Territoriality in public spaces essay

There is also a strong link between social status and the ownership and size of territory, the bigger it is - the higher the status in most cases. On the flip side, we display some distinct behaviors that separate us from other animals: First of all, we use territory for a variety of purposes besides breeding and securing food resources.

We have special places for: Moreover, we often act oppositely to territoriality by inviting others to our place for social or technical purposes.

Well in all seriousness, we tend to mark our territory using objects or other artificial means, while animals use a more "direct" way of signaling.

Aside from these distinct differences, one simple and very important question remains: Why are We Territorial? Well there are two types of perspective about it: Socio — Biological Perspective: From this perspective our territoriality developed from biological necessities, just like in other animals.

We need space to secure resources and to have our own breeding area. The differences between us and other animals grew due to our social advancement and intellectual, but the basic instincts and principles remained the same. I told you, robbery is not allowed here. Image Source Socio — Cognitive Perspective: Well maybe except for suspicious strangers and terrorists.

Why make this distinction?

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Another aspect of this distinction is how do we treat and exert our control over each territory: We build fences around our house and lock the door to it — so we are the only ones who have control over it.

Other than that, as creatures of habit, we like sitting exactly in the same place over and over again because it feels like a home away from home. This might be personal Image Source Personalization Another thing that is quite unique to humans is that we personalize our territory.

Open or careless people will leave their environment visible and accessible to others. Besides that, people put a lot of stuff to accustom their surroundings to their taste and to show others who they are: Take Home Lesson I think the most important lesson here is to understand that humans and animals have a lot in common when it comes to territoriality, but in the same time, there is also a BIG difference.

So watch out when treading in unknown territory: Except that, make your own little observations — watch how people act in different territories and derive your own conclusions. I would gladly hear about it or any other ideas you might have about territoriality.Territoriality in Public Spaces.

Would you linger in an area, such as a telephone box or car parking space, if somebody was waiting to use it? Many people would like to think that they would leave the area quickly, but research shows that in some cases territorial behaviour can occur in a public place.3/5(1).

Human personal space is also different from that of nonhumans. The concepts of territoriality and personal space are integrally linked to the modes of communication humans and nonhumans choose in their daily social and psychological interactions.

Public space - An area for the public Territoriality therefore defines the hierarchy of the space, and develops the idea of having one's own territory. This discourages outsiders from entering into private zones and reduces the risk of anonymity.

Introducing proxemics “Thousand of experiences teach us, that space communicates” rutadeltambor.com ( p ) Proxemics is a concept that which is defined as the use and perception of one’s social and personal space, such as in seating and spatial arrangements, territoriality and .

Porteous (, 30), for example, divided space into micro, meso, and macro spatial units, while Soja examined territories at all levels from personal space, through small group and community space, to ’the patterns of territorial regiona.

lism and the system of nation-states into which the modern world is divided’ (Soja, , 20).

Academics in Territoriality in public spaces - rutadeltambor.com Humans and Their Territories The biological-innate origins of human territoriality has been hotly debated among researchers see Altman, ; McAndrew, One of the most common focuses of the research is its relation to animal territoriality, and its emphasis on demarcation and defense, for survival purposes.
NPR Choice page In nation-states[ edit ] Territoriality can also be associated with nation-states.
Territoriality and human spatial behaviour | John R. Gold - rutadeltambor.com How to Write a Summary of an Article? This study was carried out within the context of an urban design study rather than within a human psychology-based study.
Also We Can Offer! Sociology Creating territories and physical boundaries within buildings and public spaces, is referred to as hierarchy of an defensible space.

Proxemics in nonverbal communication is the study of how humans use to space to communicate. Human territoriality is the presumptive claim by one or more persons of a geographic area.

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