Narrated photo essays

Thailand was my first solo international trip. It was my first window into the world of traveling and backpackers and hostels and not knowing where would I sleep the next day.

Narrated photo essays

Pictures taken for ID cards are often the last remaining depiction of a disappeared family member.

Narrated photo essays

After arranging the photographs on black sheets, a commemoration ceremony is held. Speaking the global language of human rights, these images and the ways they are embedded in symbolic expressions of loss bridge personal and collective struggles against indifference and oblivion.

La Hoyada, a place turned evidence. Human-rights organizations and relatives of the disappeared claim that the sixteen-acre field of La Hoyada, which lies in between military and urban lands, is the biggest mass grave in Peru. From here, the Peruvian armed forces directed their regional counterinsurgency war against the Peruvian Communist Party, also known as Shining Path.

Based in the city of Huamanga and initially supported by large factions of society, Shining Path declared the Peruvian state the enemy of the people. Three presidents responded to their insurgency by sending the armed forces, police, and clandestine paramilitary units to conduct a brutal counterinsurgency campaign.


Twenty years of insurgent and state violence are remembered as the longest and most costly conflict in terms of human casualties, forced migration, and material loss since the founding of the republic.

The Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission counts 69, people killed or disappeared and aroundpeople displaced. But 54 percent of all deaths are ascribed to Shining Path. The tragedy lies in the ways that the complexities of the conflict have been reduced to simplified and polarized depictions of the past, often favoring the army and government while brushing aside the systematic violence they inflicted on a mainly Quechua-speaking population.

Ayacucho exige Ayacucho demands. Visuality plays a crucial role in the construction of postconflict narratives and identities—not only to remain visible, but also to be loud.

Photographs, banners, logos, colors, and flowers offer the chance to render their truths real and graspable. NN means No Name. This is the category under which unidentified bones are stored in the cellars of Peruvian ministries in Lima and other regional capitals.

Masses of cartons filled with fragments of skeletons and clothes stacked on top of each other are palpable legacies of the conflict.

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In an effort to systematically organize all of the objects found during exhumations, they are given numbers that allow them to be traced back to the place, time, and other objects they were exhumed with. Victoria, a relative of a disappeared person, explains: The exhibition of clothes, which are the only items that allow us to recognize our relatives, is a means to this end.

Once recognized, analyzed, and identified, bones and clothing can be traced to an individual person and his or her story of violence and death.Conversations in the cloud voice thread Find this Pin and more on Photo Essay and Photo Sharing Resources by Digital Writers' Workshop. VoiceThread - Conversations in the cloud This is a way to put together oral productions.

President Monson’s 85th Birthday Gala. Jane Clayson Johnson narrated the evening. Photo Essays. Photo Essay: President Nelson and 16 Other Prophets Invite Us to the House of the Lord.

By Scot Facer Proctor. Photo Essay: Utah’s Evermore Theme Park Enchants. This short narrated photo essay provides a glimpse of downtown San Antonio that most residents and tourists never see.

Peacock Alley meanders through old commercial districts just blocks from the Alamo. Photo courtesy KYW Newsradio. Wrapping presents while watching Ralphie pine for a Red Riding BB gun has become a holiday tradition as beloved and durable as candy canes and eggnog.

Mongolia's Nomads by Taylor Weidman. Photo Essay with Lesson Plan The Nepal Quake: Tsam rituals consist of a series of masked dances and are often accompanied by narrated content.

In Mongolia, like most other religious rituals, Tsam was banned during Soviet times.

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Now, this small monastery and a mask maker named Ganna are working to. Photo Essay Assignment 1.

Narrated photo essays

Photo Essay 2. A photographic essay is a set or series of photographs that are intended to tell a story or evoke a series of emotions in the viewer.

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