Introduction part of a business report

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Introduction part of a business report

This has since been amended by the Police Ordinance of Section 60 of Chapter 77 gives the Commissioner of Police power to make regulations governing the Police Force. These rules and regulations are to be found in the Subsidiary Legislation Ordinances.

Articles of the Constitutional Instruments govern certain matters pertaining to the Police Force.

introduction part of a business report

Article 1 states: Power to make appointments below the rank of inspector vests in the Commissioner of Police to such extent as may be prescribed by any law of the Legislature. Police Force in September, The men in the B. Police Force are predominantly Africans. The numerical strength of the entire "E" Division of the Police Force at Mackenzie was thirty-one Wismar Police Station had thirteen 13 men, consisting of one sergeant, one corporal and eleven constables.

At the request of the Government, the Commissioner of Police had in carried out a review of the number of policemen in that area, and having regard to the population, he recommended that the strength of "E" Division be increased by the addition of seven men - one inspector, one corporal and five constables.

There was only one vehicle at Mackenzie and he recommended that another be obtained for the Wismar area and this was done. The other recommendation was not carried out.

Volunteer Force The B. The Commanding Officer is Col. Celso DeFreitas, who is responsible to the Governor for the Force.

The Volunteer Force is about six hundred strong. The battalion is made up of a Headquarters Company in Georgetown and four rifle Companies of which one is stationed in New Amsterdam and another at Mackenzie.

Many of the ranks of "D" Company work and live at Wismar-Christianburg and Mackenzie and the majority of them are Africans. Orders for full embodiment of the company came at midday on In May,the British soldiers were under the command of Col. King, Commander of the B. He takes orders relating to the British forces from the Governor as Commander-in-Chief.

After the declaration of the state of emergency on Friday 22nd May,additional British soldiers were flown from the United Kingdom to British Guiana. One platoon of the British army went into operation at Wismar at about 6.

introduction part of a business report

They receive their training from the Police Force, are subject to discipline by the Commissioner of Police and can arrest for any crime committed on land or premises owned by Demba. Elsewhere they must make a report to the Police. Throughout the disturbances on May 25th, a few of these special constables were used by the Police at Wismar.

They are not allowed to carry arms nor are they trained in their use. Conduct of the Security Forces at the Scene On the day of the disturbances at Wismar-Christianburg there were 57 cases of assault, including rape, which were treated at the Mackenzie Hospital.

Two persons were killed and at least houses were destroyed in addition to several cases of looting. With the single exception of Assistant Superintendent Lashley, who in company with Lieutenant Wishart and a party of men, apprehended and shot a looter who refused to halt when ordered to do so, no member of the Volunteers or Police admitted witnessing any cases of assault or rape, looting or arson.

Several members of the Police and Volunteers who gave evidence said that they had seen large crowds of people moving up and down but committing no offence - indeed one witness described the crowd as orderly and peaceful and said that they were walking "as though going to church".

On the other hand, Assistant Superintendent Lashley stated that in the course of his patrolling duties he had on one occasion dispersed a riotous crowd by the use of tear smoke. In his view the dispersal of crowds should have been one of the prime duties of the patrols, since he observed that the assembly of a crowd in an area always heralded the start of fires and other acts of violence in that area.

We would like to single out Assistant Superintendent John Lashley for special commendation for his intelligent and energetic action during the disturbances and for the forthright and unequivocal manner in which he give evidence before us. A variety of allegations were made by witnesses against the security forces - the Police and Volunteers.

These included bribery, partaking in loot, standing by and refusing to give assistance whilst rape and assault were being committed, refusing to extinguish fires, supplying gasoline to arsonists and being politically partial by telling people who were beaten and stripped to go to their political leaders.

On the other hand, members of the security forces alleged that they were on every occasion just in time to see fires beyond their control, and injured or uninjured East Indians coming out of their hiding places and in tears begging to be rescued. These persons were taken to the Police station promptly and those in need of medical treatment were sent to the Mackenzie Hospital.

By noon on the 25th it became quite evident that the tide of violence could not be stemmed and it was decided by the Police to concentrate all their energies on the saving of lives rather than property.

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Observations Having regard to the scale of the disturbances in the Wismar-Christianburg area on the 25th May, we believe that the handful of Police and Volunteers available for service was totally inadequate to patrol the area properly and check the violence. Had members of the public been willing to cooperate with the security forces, however, their effectiveness would have been greater, but there is evidence that members of the public actively thwarted the efforts of the Police and Volunteers by assembling in large crowds and by jeering and taunting them.Introduction In Australia there are close to one million business buyers.

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May 24,  · Marshall Rosenberg created Nonviolent Communication and is Founder and Director of Educational Services for the Center for Nonviolent Communication, an international non-profit organization based. INTRODUCTORY NOTE - by Editor. The Report of the Wismar, Christianburg, Mackenzie Commission, termed the "Wismar Report", was the result of the enquiry of a Commission appointed in September by the Governor of British Guiana, Sir Richard Luyt.

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