How the height of the ramp

Specifically students will focus on slope within the context of a rate of change, where students will learn how to find the slope of a line, given the coordinates of two points on a line.

How the height of the ramp

Also if the toy car was changed for each height the frictional forces acting upon the car will be different and thus it may affect the stopping distance of the toy car.

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I feel that this is because the higher the ramp, the more G. E gravitational potential energy it will have.

Therefore the more energy it will have, thus increasing the stopping distance of the car as it will take longer for the forces working against the car i. In our investigation we will not be changing the mass of the car or the gravity as I have mentioned in the fair test, as these two will always be constant in this investigation, therefore here the G.

E is dependent on the height of the ramp. I predict that the gravitational energy will not equal the kinetic energy because some will be lost to sound, heat and kinetic energy in other directions from the forward direction desired. I am doing a graph of stopping distance vs.

This means that v2 is directly proportional to the distance, which is more useful than just the speed. Basically the light gate will be connected to a psion computer which will record the speed of the toy car down the ramp.

A light gate will be held up by the clamp and connected to the psion computer which will be placed at the base of the ramp. A card was attached to the toy car, the main reason for this was to provide the distance for the psion computer to calculate the speed.

It will calculate the speed by seeing how long it takes to break the light beam of the light gate.

How the height of the ramp

This is the calculation that it is going to carry out: If we take this into account this is the method: Also this variable is very easy to do and can give me a good and reliable set of results which I can analyse and thus come to a conclusion if my prediction was right or wrong. The non-variables that will be kept the same are mass of car, gravity; surface of ramp, same car will be used.A typical height of 10 feet generally requires a ramp slope grade of percent.

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Every 4 inches of height over 10 feet requires an increase of the slope grade by roughly to percent. Increasing the height of clearance will affect the LOS designation, and this will extend to the slope grade percentage as well.

2. Stack several books and put the end of the board on top of the books. Use the board and books as a ramp for the car. Measure and record the height of the stack of books. 3. Send the car down the ramp and measure how far the car travels from the end of the board.

4. Repeat step 3 for a total of five trials. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 2, LBS Cap Car Ramp Truck Van Lift Stand Jack Adjustable Height /8 - 16'' at Read honest and .

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How far does a car travel from a ramp? Introduction This research tries to find out the relationship between the distance s car travels, and the angle of the ramp, and the relationship between the distance a car travels and the length of the ramp. Welcome to Bike Art The Centre for Cycling in Thetford Forest, located at High Lodge Forest Centre, just off the B Brandon Road near Thetford.

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